Hire Minibus & Van In Dar es salaam

Planning Your Next Group Travel Across Tanzania?

Is ideal for a travel of a group of 10 to 25 People. It offer more leg-room as well as large storage space for keeping supplies and luggage. Designed for safety and comfort, the Toyota Coaster comes with everything you need for an amazing group trip.

Intracity 95$

  Nje Ya Jiji 250,000Tsh

This minibus can accommodate a group of 7 -14 people. Whether you’re going on a night out with friends, hosting a group of clients or touring scenic spots with your family, you can save up on cost, time, and resources by renting our minibus.


 Intracity 85$

  Nje Ya Jiji 200,000Tsh

Alphard yetu ya kukodisha ndani ya Dar es salaam, Ina kabini kubwa na milango mikubwa mbele na nyuma. inaweza kubeba jumla ya abiria 7 

 Intracity 70$

   Nje Ya Jiji 180,000Tsh

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Chris Jones

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