Booking open safari car is the best option for your safari in Mikumi.  Open safari cars makes you feel closer to the wilderness and animals you have come to see.  You will be picked up from hotel you stayed in mikumi, go for game drive and dropped back to the hotel in Mikumi in the eveining. Open vehicles are used in areas arround Mikumi. if your journey starts from Dar es salaam,  you will need a closed safari car from Dar es salaam. Closed safari cars are required because its long journey from Dar es salaam to Mikumi you can hardly withstand the wind in an open safari car.

Open safari vehicles in Mikumi comes with a proffessional tour guide to tell you things about wildlife and animals, the price is also inclusive of fuel costs and vehicle entry fees. At the gate you will pay only your entry fees . Here are 3 main facts why should hire open safari car for your Mikumi safari.

1. Best For Game Viewing

These open safari vehicles are the best for game viewing. You won’t have any  obstructions between you and the amazing wildlife. You will have a clear view of spectacular landscapes you have come to see. This adds an extra level of excitement feeling of closer to the wilderness around you.  Its a wounderful feeling being eyeballed by a lion while he passes past just metres away with no obstraction at all between you and him!

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2. Best For Taking Pictures

These vehicles are preferable for taking pictures. It’s simpler to move around in your seat, turn your large lens, and get a spare battery out of your bag. Additionally, ejecting lens caps, memory cards, phones, passports, gin and tonics, and other items is considerably simpler. Low angles are easier to attain sind there is no obstractions

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3. Its A Private Hire

Consider renting a private vehicle so that you don’t share it with any other campers if you want complete flexibility. On our privately guided safaris for parties and photographers, we employ these. With your guide, choose your own schedule and don’t compromise with other visitors. Come and go as you like.

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Book Your Private Open Safari Car In Mikumi

Regular Price: 180$ is discounted to 150$ Limited Time Offer. Book while the offer is still available!

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Mikumi Safari Cars Open Cars

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NOTE: Open vehicles are used inside Mikumi national parks and areas arround Mikumi National Park. You will need a closed safari vehicle if your safari involves traveling between national parks or regions

Safari Cars From Dar es salaam

Safari car rental dar es salaam

You can hire a 7 Seater land cruiser safari straight  from Dar es salaam. It comes with an experienced safari tour guide driver. You won’t need to hire another safari car to enter Mikumi national park.

Our safari Tour Guide will take you from your hotel in Dar es salaam, to do game drive in Mikumi, and after game drive back to your hotel in Dar es salaam or to your accomodation in Mikumi depending on your itinerary. 

We can also assist you in booking your accomodation in Mikumi and arranging your safari itinerary. The service can be included as part of your safari vehicle hire at no extra cost.